Remember Remember the 5th November

Posted on: 22 October 2014

We all love a great firework display; whether you are planning your own display or attending a public display make sure your premises remain safe.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics show that there is a significant increase in burglaries during this period. This is due to a combination of shorter days, allowing criminals to operate in darkness, and loud firework displays, masking the noise from breaking glass.

Criminals know that people tend to venture out on Bonfire night. So these are some simple tips to help your home be more secure.

  • If you are attending a public display, leave a light on in your property and, if you have one, a radio as this will give the appearance that someone is in.
  • Ensure you have locked all doors and windows and have robust locks fitted on any sheds or outbuildings.
  • If possible, put the car in the garage overnight.
  • If you are having a display at home ensure your doors and windows are locked at the front of the premises.
  • For general firework safety – always follow the instructions on the box and store away from potential hazards.

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