Be safe on the roads this winter

Posted on: 21 November 2013

Winter driving

The British winter is upon us which means it’s even more important to take precautions on the road...

Being prepared is not only the best way to preserve your vehicle but also the best way to ensure the safety of you and your family. Here are a few helpful tips from Home & Legacy to help you stay safe this winter:

Check your vehicle:

  • Ensure all exterior lights are working
  • Ensure tyres are properly inflated with sufficient tread
  • Check windscreen wipers and remove ice and snow from the windows (do not use hot water to do this)
  • Make sure your battery is charged - in winter your car battery will run down faster
  • Ensure you have enough fuel for your journey and to cover any unexpected circumstances

Stay safe:

  • Keep an emergency pack in your car throughout winter (warm coat, gloves, blanket, food, water, shovel, torch)
  • Ensure you have a fully charged mobile phone with you at all times
  • Drive slowly and carefully, avoiding rapid breaking or acceleration
  • If you live in a remote area where winter conditions are typically worse and last longer than other areas of the country consider fitting your vehicle with winter tyres which are designed to give flexibility in low temperatures providing you with better braking/traction performance on snow and ice.

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