Protect Yourself Against ID Fraud

Posted on: 11 December 2013

Protect your identity home and legacy

ProtectMyID is a benefit on all Home & Legacy home insurance policies that incepted on or after 1st July 2013.

Identity theft can occur when a criminal gains enough personal data about someone (e.g. name, date of birth, previous addresses, etc.) to commit fraud. Examples could be anything from applying for a mobile phone contract to taking out a large personal loan, which could have major consequences on an individual’s personal finances.

According to UK credit reference agency Experian, instances of ID fraud have increased 244% in the last four years. A staggering 2.6 million people are thought to have incurred actual financial loss at an average £481.

With that in mind it is vital you take the necessary precautions to put you and your family out of harm’s way. Here are our top tips for protecting your identity:

  • Look out for suspicious emails
    Companies don’t usually ask for confidential data by email. If you get an email from an organisation asking for information look them up on the web and call them back. Don’t use the number on the email – it could be fake too.
  • Don’t give personal data to strangers
    This includes giving your data of birth, home town or pet’s name on social networking sites – identity thieves can use these to guess passwords.
  • Tell your card issuers if you are going away
    If you don’t their fraud prevention team may put your account on hold if they notice a string of transactions abroad.
  • Keep your address to yourself
    Avoid using public bins to dispose of envelopes with your address on and instead of putting it on luggage labels put it inside your case.
  • Keep personal documents locked away
    When you’re away, hide things such as your passport in the hotel safe and get a personal safe for putting financial documents away at home.
  • Guard your pins
    Shoulder-surfing at ATMs does happen. If an ATM looks like it’s been tampered with, don’t use it. And don’t let your card out of your sight in shops and restaurants – staff could clone it.
  • Change passwords
    Don’t use the same password on different sites.
  • Regularly check your credit report and statements
    Look for credit searches and applications you didn’t make.
  • Stay safe on your phone
    Delete all personal information from your phone and password-protect your phone. Inform your service provider immediately if your phone is lost or stolen.

A professional ID protection service offers that extra layer of protection, which is why Home & Legacy provides an identity and online fraud protection service in conjunction with Experian, as standard on all home insurance policies.

Benefits of Experian's ProtectMyID include:

  • 24 hour online personal data monitoring and alert service
  • Credit report monitoring and alert service
  • Personal victim of fraud case worker should the worst happen
  • Confidential helpline
  • Unlimited access to your Experian credit report.

ProtectMyID is a benefit on all Home & Legacy home insurance policies (new business and renewals) that incepted on or after 1st July 2013. If you are a qualifying Home & Legacy home insurance customer and would like to access your service, please visit: with your home insurance policy number to hand.