Winter garden care

Posted on: 30 January 2015

How does your garden grow?

We are much less inclined to spend time in our garden in the winter months; however some preparation now can make the world of difference come spring time. 

  • Protect new and young trees from frost and snow by using wire guards around the bottom of the trunk
  • Remove any leaves from your lawn, as leaving them on there can block out the sunlight and weaken the grass
  • Now is also a good time to get garden machinery such as lawnmowers serviced, so it's ready to go come springtime. Don't forget that domestic gardening equipment, tractors and quad bikes not registered for road use and domestic horseboxes are all included in your Home & Legacy home contents
  • Plant bulbs before the temperature really drops and the ground freezes, giving them a chance to grow roots and settle in before blooming in spring
  • Food can become scarce for birds at this time of year, so help them get through the cold weather by providing a few fat balls and bird feeders. Leftover over biscuit and pastry crumbs, cooked or uncooked, rice and dry porridge oats are also good for wildlife!
  • Evergreens don't lose their leaves, and so may need additional watering if the weather remains dry
  • Use sealants, stains and paints on your fences to give them that extra bit of protection from the rain and snow
  • Now is the time to clean your garden furniture - don't be tempted to leave until spring time. Dirt retains moisture, which in turn causes decay so it's best to clean it all now. Even if it's being kept undercover

Making a Claim

Frost, snow and storm damage to outdoor items is normally excluded from cover, as is death by natural causes such as disease to trees, shrubs, plants and lawns. If you are unlucky enough to suffer any other damage to your home or garden, please follow the advice of our claims team:

  • Make contact with our Home Emergency Helpline on 0208 603 9849 to carry out any necessary repairs which may prevent further damage
  • Take photographs of any damage
  • Contact our Claims Team as soon as possible