Home emergency cover, family legal cover & services & ID fraud detection & services

Home & Legacy home insurance comes complete with a suite of outstanding benefits, all designed to make your life easier, like comprehensive home emergency cover, family legal cover & services with an annual legal healthcheck and access to a wealth of legal templates, and detection & assistance against identity fraud.

Family Legal Protection

Family Legal Cover & Services

Home & Legacy home insurance policyholders get the benefit of a newly developed legal services and insurance package arranged by Allianz Legal Protection. Advantages include an Annual Legal Health Check to assess the policyholder's legal well-being, as well as legal advice and support from professionally qualified solicitors. Additionally, an online legal services portal allows policyholders to produce over 150 legal documents including wills, tenancy agreements and powers of attorney.

If you are an existing customer and would like to access the legal services portal, please visit www.homeandlegacy.co.uk/legalhealthcheck with your home insurance policy number to hand.



Home & Legacy Legal Assistance Leaflet

ID Protection

Home & Legacy home insurance policyholders gain access to an identity fraud detection and assistance service. Benefits include; a 24 hour online personal data monitoring and alert service, a credit report monitoring service, a victim of fraud case worker and a confidential helpline.

Home & Legacy policyholders can access the service at: https://www.noddle.co.uk/partner/homeandlegacy 

A customer reference number will be required. 

Home emergency cover

Home Emergency Cover

When you're experiencing an emergency at your property, you'll want access to immediate help to limit the damage that's done, the cost of repair and the disruption to your life. That's why, all Home & Legacy home insurance policyholders benefit from 24-hour Home Emergency Cover operated by Allianz Global Assistance.

We cover emergencies caused by failure or breakdown of your electricty supply, heating system and drainage system, and much more. You're even covered for the removal of vermin from your property, like wasps or rats.

The emergency labour and call out limit is £1,000 on Ultra Home and Ultimate Home and £500 on Prestige Home.