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Frequently asked questions

Our team is more than happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Questions about home insurance

Our minimum buildings sum insured is £100,000 and contents must total a minimum of £75,000. We don’t have a maximum sum insured and will try to cater for all domestic household risks regardless of size or complexity.
We prefer to cover properties of standard construction.  We can consider properties of some types of non-standard/part non-standard construction depending on the individual risk detail and construction types used.
Cover is available for thatched properties subject to underwriting and risk management criteria.  Before underwriting decisions can be made we will require a fully completed Thatched Property Questionnaire.  We also expect that Risk Management criteria are met prior to cover. 

We generally don't look to write risks with planned or ongoing building works or extensive renovations at new business.

Existing customers planning to undertake building works or extensive renovations should tell us as soon as possible in advance of starting any work.  There are conditions and exclusions relating to building works in our policy wordings.

We may consider some Listed properties depending on the individual risk information and details of Listing.  
Yes, the cover is new for old. It is therefore important that your sums insured are calculated on the full cost of replacing everything as new, especially in the event of a total loss.
Yes, we can cater for additional properties (to include second homes and/or holiday homes within Great Britain, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands), subject to these meeting our underwriting criteria. For let properties please refer to the  landlord insurance section of our website.

The buildings sum insured is should cover the total cost to rebuild the property in the event of a total loss. It is not should not reflect the market value.

The rebuild cost must include the full cost of rebuilding the structure of the main home, all it's fixtures and fittings, all outbuildings used for domestic purposes (sheds, garages, greenhouses or similar), all boundary walls, drives, patios etc and any other structural items such as swimming pools. It must also include the cost of removal of rubble and debris, professional fees such as surveyors and architects, as well as all building materials and labour costs.

For larger properties, Listed buildings or those of unusual construction, it may be advisable to seek professional advice from a building surveyor.

Further advice and help can be found along with a property rebuilding calculator on The Association of British Insurers website.

We can provide cover for thatched properties that meet our underwriting criteria. Please contact us if you would like us to send you our thatch questionnaire to enable us to provide an agreement in principle.
We may be able to offer cover in areas of high flood risk or if the property has been previously flooded.  Through our insurers we have access to Flood Re for further information visit their
It is important that the sums insured are up to date and accurately reflect the value of all items as new including, where necessary, specifying items of fine art and antiques or jewellery and watches which are above the single article limits of the product chosen. These limits are outlined in our policy wordings.
Our home insurance policies are underwritten on an "all-risks" basis which includes accidental damage cover as standard.
You can make a claim to our dedicated team, the contact details can be found on our claims page or alternatively you can process a claim through Home & Legacy Online.
Our contents checklist  can be used to assist in calculating the total value of contents in the home. The value should represent the total cost of replacing the items as new, not the original purchase price.

If the contents include a number of fine art or antiques or items of Jewellery and Watches, it is advisable to use the services of a professional valuer.  Home & Legacy can recommend an appropriate expert. 

If building works are being undertaken, or planned it is important that you let us know as soon as possible. Please note that there are conditions and exclusions contained within the policy wordings relating to planned or ongoing building works. 

Questions about landlord insurance

Details of our landlord products, including comparison tables can be found here landlord comparison. 
You can make a claim to our dedicated team using the details on our claims page
We may be able to consider HMO properties if there is an individual tenancy agreement with each tenant.
We may consider properties with up to 8 individual flats provided that the building and all flats are owned by the same person.
Depending on the circumstances we may be able to consider properties that are temporarily unoccupied. Please contact us  with full details.

The unoccupany limit is:

Prestige Landlord cover: 30 consecutive days 

Ultra Landlord cover: 90 consecutive days

The maximum monthly rent is £6,000.
We do not cover properties with a history of flood, subsidence, landslip or heave under our landlord policies. 

Questions about travel insurance

The maximum age is 79 years old at the start of the period of cover.

Any pre-existing medical conditions are automatically excluded under our travel policy.  However, some conditions may be accepted following medical screening.  Medical screening can be completed by the policyholder either by phone or online.  An additional premium may be payable.  

In the event that we cannot provide cover customers may find assistance and alternative providers at MoneyHelper and the BIBA directory.

Up to 45 days anywhere in the world throughout the period of insurance & up to 31 days winter sports cover if this additional cover is selected. We may be able to extend cover beyond these limits upon referral.
Our travel policy can cover any permanent resident of your home up to the age of 79 (subject to the acceptance of any existing medical or health condition).
If the student is a permanent member of the household they would be covered under the travel policy (subject to the acceptance of any existing medical or health condition).

Questions from existing policyholders

Find all the details you need on the claims section of our website. You may wish to report your claim online, especially if it is outside of office hours.
If there is an emergency situation at home like a burst pipe or a breakdown in the electricity supply, we will organise an emergency repair and pay for a callout charge. If there is a home emergency call the 24 hour helpline on 0208 603 9849.
Our Prestige Home policy covers home emergencies up to the value of £500. Our Ultra Home & Ultimate Home policies cover home emergencies up to the value of £1,000.
If there is a change in risk details it is very important that we are given the new information as soon as possible, as not to do so may invalidate the insurance policy or mean that a claim cannot be paid either in part or in full. Please contact us on 0344 893 8360. Depending on the change in risk detail we may need to change the terms and premium.

Questions from brokers

Please visit our Broker Centre to find out more. The process will require the completion of an agency application form.
Please email if you would like to be contacted by one of our Business Development Managers. 
Home & Legacy welcomes working with a variety of brokers – from large organisations with multiple branches to small independent brokers. There is no minimum annual premium requirement to setting up an agency with us. Speak to one of our Business Development Managers to find out more.
The best way to get a quote with Home & Legacy is via our platform, Home & Legacy Online. Home & Legacy Online is available to all brokers with Home & Legacy agencies. You can also call us on 0344 893 8370 and one of our advisors will happily discuss risk details and provide terms. Or email us at: 
Please call us on 0344 893 8370 and follow the options menu to discuss requirements and terms. Or email requests/ instructions to
The claims section of our website tells you all you need to know. It’s worth noting that household claims can be submitted easily and quickly via Home & Legacy Online.
Yes, our platform Home & Legacy Online makes it very simple to check the status of a claim. Simply search for the client to view the status of any claims they have with Home & Legacy.
Yes, we will notify you should one of your clients contact us regarding a potential claim and we will look to involve you throughout the process.

We issue all renewals via email in good time before renewal date but can accommodate other methods of communication, if this is preferred.

Certain complex risks may require more detailed analysis and technical underwriting (i.e. risks that may have suffered complex or large losses during the policy year). For these risks, any necessary discussions between us will all take place well in advance so that we can always ensure renewal invites are issued in good time.

When you have opted for renewals electronically you will receive an email from us to tell you that your clients' policies are invited for renewal. You will be able to log on to Home & Legacy Online to access their documentation. 

Upon receipt of the renewal invites we ask that you check through the documentation thoroughly and to ensure that inaccurate or incomplete information or changes are notified to us. Additionally we will require you to confirm your clients’ renewal instructions to us before their renewal dates.

Every week your brokerage will receive an email round-up of the renewals due.

Documentation can be accessed swiftly and securely via the document portal on Home & Legacy Online or contact our broker service teams. 
We recommend that documentation is accessed via the document portal on Home & Legacy Online. You can ask one of our account handlers to talk you through the process step by step. However we can of course email documentation to you. We are available to do business with our brokers by a variety of means.

We may require a risk management survey/appraisal for some properties, usually those of higher value or non-standard construction.  We only use independent professional property surveyors.

The surveyor will complete an external survey of the property (including the main home, outbuildings and any other structures).  An internal survey in the home will also be carried out in the presence of the policyholder. 

Yes, monthly direct debit is available and we act as an introducer to Close Brothers Premium Finance.  

Premium finance can be offered to policyholders with a UK correspondence address and UK bank account

For home insurance policies the annual premium can be spread over 10 months. No deposit is required.

For landlord policies the annual premium can be spread over 12 months. 

There is an additional charge made for the credit, which will make the overall cost for the insurance policy more expensive.

Close Brothers Premium Finance carry out various assessments before approving loan applications. Their assessments will leave hard footprint on individuals’ credit files. Not all applications are accepted.

Motor questions

We no longer offer motor insurance cover. However, for policyholders with motor policies that were effected before 30 April 2021, we are still handling their claims. 
You can make a claim to our dedicated team, via the details on our claims page

Proof of No Claims Bonus was issued at the end of each policy.  If a duplicate is required please
contact us 
with the following information:

  • Policyholder name
  • Policyholder address
  • Policy number
  • Registration number of the vehicle for which proof of No Claim Bonus is required.
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